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Exterior Car Detailing Newcastle

Looking for exterior car detailing in Newcastle? We understand that not everyone requires the same level of vehicle detailing so have divided our Exterior Detailing Packages into 3 different levels to allow you to choose the right package for you and your car.

Still a bit unsure? Feel free to contact us for some advice on what you might need. Wanting to get your interior done too? Check out our Interior Detailing Packages and then our Instant Quote Generator to get an idea of how much your complete detail will cost.

Level 1:
Wash and Wax

From $55

Just after a good clean and wash on the outside? Our Level 1 Exterior Detail is just that – a Wash and Wax including the following steps:

    • Wheels and Tyres: We give the wheels and tyres a good clean along with removing the bug guts from the front.
    • Paintwork: Your car is then washed with a high quality wash and wax solution to boost gloss and add a little protection – all while gently removing the dirt from your paint.
    • Extra Protection: Tyres and exterior plastics are both protected with a protective gel. Finally, we add a hydrophobic spray sealant to your exterior windows for safe wet weather driving.

Level 2:
Wash, Clay and Wax

From $150

Wanting a bit more then a good wash? Our Level 2 Exterior Detail steps it up with a more intense clean – a Wash, Clay and Wax including the following steps:

    • Wheels, Tyres, Badges and Exhaust: Wheels and tyres are cleaned along with a thorough scrub under the wheel guards. Badges are scrubbed with a toothbrush to really make them shine again along with a light polish on the exhaust tips if possible. Bugs and tar are removed from the front of the vehicle.
    • Paintwork: Your paintwork is clayed prior to cleaning to remove that rough feeling of bonded contaminants.
    • Extra Protection: After the car is cleaned we then start protecting the various surfaces. Your paint has a high quality wax applied that will offer great UV protection and excellent gloss. Tyres and exterior plastics are protected with our protective gel. We then add our hydrophobic spray sealant to your exterior windows for safe wet weather driving.

Level 3:
Wash, Clay and Polish

From $299

Our Level 3 Exterior Detail is our top Exterior Detail Package. The package includes everything from our Level 2 Package with a few extras, making it a Wash, Clay and Polish with the following upgrades:

    • Paintwork: Instead of just claying the paint we also use a fallout remover to further cleanse the paintwork.
    • Extra Protection: Instead of applying a hydrophobic spray sealant to the exterior windows, we use our more durable coating GYEON Quick View, which lasts far longer and is thicker. We also apply a ceramic sealant to all wheels for easier cleaning and enhanced gloss.
    • Polish: The final upgrade is that we give your paintwork a light machine polish to remove light marks and fading, thus restoring and enhancing it beyond just waxing alone.

This package can really restore the exterior of your car and is an excellent choice for cars that are a few years old and haven’t had the best maintenance in that time.

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