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Interior Detailing Newcastle

Got interior detailing Newcastle on your mind? With the amount of time we spend in our cars it just makes sense to look after the cleanliness of our vehicle interiors – especially with all those hard-to-reach places that always seem to gather dust and grime. We offer two different interior detail packages to cater for the varying amounts of thorough cleaning an interior might need!

Still a bit unsure? Feel free to contact us for some advice on what you might need. Wanting to get your exterior done too? Check out our Exterior Detailing Packages and then our Instant Quote Generator to get an idea of how much your complete detail will cost.

Standard Interior Package

From $65

Our Standard Interior detail is designed for those just requiring a quicker, but still thorough, clean. It includes:

    • Compressed Air: Your interior gets a quick blowout with our compressed air followed by a good vacuum.
    • Surfaces: We then give all your interior surfaces a good scrub and wipe paying particular attention to behind the steering wheel.
    • Windows and Scent: The windows are then cleaned and new car air freshener sprayed to bring that new car smell back.

Deluxe Interior Package

From $200

Our Deluxe Interior detail is very thorough and is designed to restore your interior back to new. We utilize the latest in interior detailing tools to get the best results possible using the following steps:

    • Compressed Air: We start by blowing your interior out with our compressed air. We then attach our vacuum attachment that also uses compressed air to blow debris from your carpet and vacuum them up simultaneously. This removes dirt stuck in your carpet and is great at removing sand.
    • Surfaces: After the vacuuming is completed we then clean all the interior surfaces such as door trims, steering wheel area, centre console area and every other hard-to-reach nook and cranny. This is done with a combination of steam and our air tool – the Tornador cleaning gun.
    • Roof Lining, Carpets and Upholstery: After every surface is cleaned we then clean your roof lining followed by a deep clean shampoo of carpet and upholstery with our hot water carpet extractor. This flushes all the dirt and grime and sucks it out of your interior.
    • Protection: We then dress and protect all your interior plastics with our low sheen, non greasy formula.
    • Windows and Scent: Finally, we clean all the interior windows and spray our new car air freshener to bring that new car smell back.
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