Why Choose Newcastle Pro Detailing as your Local Car Detailer?

With the huge range of local car detailers in Newcastle, it is easy to become overwhelmed by sales pitches. We just offer you complete honesty.

If you’re looking for professional car detailing by a local car detailer in Newcastle, you can trust us – we have been in the auto detailing industry for 10 years and are still going strong.

At Newcastle Pro Detailing, we are passionate about exterior detailing – specifically paint correction (polishing out paint defects such as swirls and some scratches) and ceramic paint protection.

We also place a strong focus on positive customer experience – this begins at the first contact and continues beyond the customer driving away in their freshly gleaming vehicle.


Mitchell Feenan – Business Owner

10+ Years Experience

Being in this industry for so long means that we take a lot of pride in our work and reputation. Every job receives our full skill and attention to detail; it isn’t enough for our customers to be satisfied – we have to be too!

Honest and Genuine Advice

Ultimately, we always give the customer the choice of what they want to have done but we ensure they are fully informed first. In this industry, it can be hard to find this sort of honesty and integrity but those qualities are a priority for the whole team here at Newcastle Pro Detailing.

Tried and Tested Brands

We have spent more than ten years researching, testing and selecting the best products and equipment in the detailing industry. And we keep up to date on that research! Currently, the brands we use most include Rupes, Australian-made NXTZEN, 3D Car Care, Gyeon, Meguiars, Rag Company, and Flex Power ToolsAnd we don’t just use them in our business – we use them on our own vehicles.


Want to know more about us as your local car detailer? Here is the lowdown.
Are you insured to work on my car?

Yes, rest assured we are fully insured to work on your vehicle. Better news? We have never had to make a claim because we take the greatest care with every vehicle we work on – we treat your car as if it is our own.

Do you sell products for maintaining my car?

Yes, we have a full line of products from reputable brands that are available for purchase. We will take the time to listen to your needs and help you select the most suitable product(s) for your vehicle and lifestyle.

The local car wash is a lot cheaper - why should I choose Newcastle Pro Detailing?

A couple of notes about “cheaper” prices at car washes:

We are not against car washes – there is a particular segment of the market that they serve; a certain consumer need that they fill. What we are against is detailers being grouped into the same category as car washes.

Look at it this way – when you dine out at a fine restaurant you pay more and receive higher quality ingredients, service and setting. When you dine out at a fast food place it is a totally different experience – prices are cheaper, ingredients are more processed, ordering is streamlined. If you asked the fine restaurant to match the fast food prices they would be unwilling to as that’s not what they are about.

A similar comparison can be made between car washes and detailers. Car washes are cheap, fast and offer a different experience. Detailers are slower and more thorough; they cost more due to higher quality chemicals and extra time taken to achieve a result of higher standard. So when a detailer is asked to match the car wash price it’s simply not what the detailing business is about and most will be unwilling.

What methods of payment do you take?

We have an EFTPOS machine to take a range of cards including AMEX, Visa and Mastercard. You can also use Apple Pay (via your iPhone) to make payment.

Alternatively, we also accept payment in cash; however, we do not accept cheques.

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The team at Newcastle Pro Detailing is proud to have a 4.9/5 star rating from 40 customer reviews.

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