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For all kinds of mobile car detailing Newcastle - look no further than Newcastle Pro Detailing.

Fully equipped with high quality gear and backed by 10 years experience, we can help you with your detailing needs. Ask us about our exteriors, interiors, paint correction and surface protection. Grab an instant quote here or give us a call to discuss your car detailing needs.

Exterior Car Detailing by Newcastle Pro Detailing

General Detailing

We offer a range of packages to suit a variety of vehicle conditions and customer needs. Complete package detailing, interior only or exterior only – we do it all. We can even arrange regular maintenance detailing of your vehicle to save you some precious time!

Paint Correction

Paint correction removes defects such as swirls, oxidation, scratches and etching from your vehicle’s paintwork. At Newcastle Pro Detailing, we use tools and compounds from the most reputable brands in the world to make your paintwork look brand new again.

Paint Correction with Rupes Car Polisher
Car Detailing Newcastle - image of black Toyota detailed by Newcastle Pro Detailing

Ceramic Paint Protection

Newcastle Pro Detailing offers professional grade Opti-Coat ceramic coating for your vehicles paintwork through our specialised ceramic coating business, Newcastle Auto Protection. We completed a thorough accreditation process to become the only certified applicator of Opti-Coat in the Newcastle region.

Why Opti-Coat?

Opti-Coat coatings are unique in the ceramic coating market as they are based on Silicon Carbide, not Silicon Dioxide. This different chemical formulation gives the coatings greater chemical resistance than their SiO2 based competitors. For more information about Opti-Coat and the packages available, click the button below (note that this will take you to our Newcastle Auto Protection site).

Cost for Mobile Car Detailing Newcastle

Wondering what it will cost for the detailing you need completed? We know that it’s great to have options so with our calculators you can estimate prices of a range of different detailing services and add ons.

Wondering about the price for ceramic coating and other protection? Click here to check out our calculator on our specialist coating site, Newcastle Auto Protection.

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